BalloonShooter (Android)

Let’s experience the brand new VR shooter game!Adorable enemies! Creative powerups! Upgradable weapons!Armed carrier! All of these are just to give you the rush! Adventure and archery seamlessly integrated! This is a game that you can pick up at any time. Intuitive control scheme, fast pace, simple AI. You will feel the rush, guaranteed. Procedural generated levels. Be am man and pass 100 levels. The enemy soldiers may look adorable, but they are quite courageous. And just when you think you’ve got it and can catch a breath,ho-ho, prepare yourself for those fat dragons hovering in the air and spraying venom. Although they look ugly,the venomous goo sprayed on your face is still disgusting enough. There are also many powerups that can help players in the game, for example, various creative and funny special projectiles upgrades, such as hand grenades, ice bombs and tracking missiles are enough to make players be the masters of controlling the scene and destroy every enemy easily.


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