Archipelago (PC)

Archipelago is a 30 minute navigable comic world containing 65 characters and 6,787 lines of dialogue. Based on a new type of VR screenwriting, Archipelago delivers a unique cinematic experience allowing you to play, pause, rewind and fast-forward the entire world like a movie, but also move around in it like a game. This lets you "step inside" the comic and move around to explore the 65 converging and diverging story lines as they unfold in real time.

Archipelago's written content is roughly equivalent to a 100 page book. It would take more than 30 hours to follow every single character from start to finish.

"The sheer size and complexity of this (experience) is much deserving of some respect. Truly a unique idea in a sea of many familiar ones."

-The VR Shop, UK

Note: This is new and evolving way of delivering VR stories. Your feedback will help shape future titles and is very welcome.

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