AirMech: Command (PC)

AirMech Command is the Action/RTS experience in VR. With all new Touch controls AND ground-level flight controls, you can command troops and units from orbit, or grab the stick and pilot your AirMech directly. Play Solo, Co-Op, or PVP with dozens of AirMechs, customizable armies, and vanity items.

Run missions to unlock new AirMechs or battle your friends. Capture bases to take more ground. Build tanks, turrets, and soldiers. Cutting edge hand controls that make RTS gameplay smoother than ever.

Key Features:
- Unlock more than 50 AirMechs with flight and ground combat modes
- Use Touch to grab the world!
- Toggle between tactical strategy controls and ground-level flight controls
- Solo, PVP, and Co-Op play on any map
- Seated, standing, or room scale play
- Customize your army with dozens of different tanks, jeeps, turrets, soldiers, fliers and boosts


Carbon Games


Carbon Games