Psyche Soldier VR (PC)

Brief Description
Psyche Soldier VR is a dynamic, duck-and-dodge shooting gallery game that takes place in the psychedelic realm of your own subconscious, tackling shadow creatures that embody Agency, Attachment, Fear, Procrastination, Shame, Stress, and Perfection. What sets this game apart from other games is its unique environment/setting, the action based power up that is both offensive and defensive, the strategic and athletic game play that arises from the variety of enemy abilities, the fluid energy system, and the engaging upgrade system. There are four difficulties: Easy, Normal, Mentalist, and Psychonaut. There's also an infinite wave Endurance mode to see how deep into your subconscious you can go. And who knows, maybe you'll learn something about your own shadow.

Fun, dynamic shoot-and-dodge gameplay
Activate your light powers for an exciting rush
Seven missions, including 17 different enemies
Near-Invincible "Easy" difficulty for an enlightening experience
"Mentalist" and "Psychonaut" difficulties for a challenging experience
Rise in the leaderboards with the endless "Endurance Mode"
Earn experience and improve your powers with 18 upgrades
Long ago, there was a time when happiness came easily, stress was alien, and life was an adventure.

At some point, the tables turned; happiness became fleeting, stress more common than air, and life—life began to feel like a cruel joke—a bleak existence that gradually crept into your psyche.

You didn't even know the shadows of your psyche were amassing like an army! How could you have known? How could anyone know? They couldn't even be seen until now! Sure, they could be felt; migraines, neck pain, back pain—all distractions! Physical distractions that enable avoidance of your emotional pain, your darkest fears, and your inner most secrets, in other words your psyche shadows.

These unnerving shadows live and take form in your subconscious, affecting your thoughts and feelings daily, just out of your awareness. Although they once served you well, they've grown malevolent and overwhelmingly powerful.

You must conquer and convert them! Where they thrive just out of mind's reach, you must cast your light energy. These are the shadow battles of your subconscious—in the war of your enlightenment.

Go forth hero! Face your shadows. The battle rages on.

Oh, and one more thing... It's dangerous to go alone! But you must...


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