House of Meditation (PC)

Cerevrum Inc. is taking VR meditation to the next level and is offering a unique sophisticated experience of finding your inner self. Take a minute and ask yourself the following questions. How stressed are you feeling right now? Do you experience anxiety, frustration, exhaustion? Do you suffer from insomnia and/or lack of focus? In the contemporary world it is hard to keep up with its hectic pace.
That’s why meditation is no longer just a hobby but a pure necessity. Embrace 8 astonishing visuals of a Japanese garden, a Tibetan room, wildfire, beach, underwater, Mars, a spaceship, and air floating. This beautiful scenery will take you to travel across the world and beyond in the split second.
Complete 6 different sessions are guided both by a pleasant voice and an uplifting visual figure which will inspire you to breathe properly and develop right inner pacing. Better meditation - better life.

Voice guidance. Clear voice instructions keep user’s attention and help to immerse into meditation.
Visual guidance. An uplifting visual figure in each environment allows to experience each meditation session with mindfulness and awareness of breathing.
Astonishing scenery. 8 beautiful environments take a user to travel across the world and beyond it.
VR immersion. Complete engagement assures full dedication to meditating no matter where you are: no outside rush and noise can stop from being with yourself.
Easy navigation. Intuitively driven guidance and information pop-ups




Cerevrum Inc.


Cerevrum Inc.


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