Gooblins (PC)

Gooblins is a First-Person Shooter for the HTC Vive that pits the player against never-ending waves of Gooblins. These cute but deadly creatures are hell-bent on using plasma blasts, fireballs, and kamikaze attacks to destroy you. As you progress through waves, Gooblin firepower and defense capability increases. Survive long enough to unlock your machine gun to make quick work of unshielded Gooblins. While mowing them down is satisfying, high scores on the leaderboard can only be achieved by killing Gooblins in the color order indicated on your weapon display.

Various Gooblin types with distinct personalities, all tying to kill you in their own special way!
Play in 360 degrees for the full experience, or 180 degrees for when your Vive cable starts to look like spaghetti.
Use the energy shield in your other hand as defense against plasma and fireballs!
Grenades launch with gun grip button, detonate with shield grip. Perfect your timing for mass destruction!
Free updates as more game features become available!
See full details in the Quick Reference.


Acción Casual indie


Deform Studio, LLC



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Diciembre 20, 2016

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