Magic Hour (PC)

With Magic Hour, get started with VR photography!

Take beautiful pictures by exploring an island lit in the perfect light and experiment with an accurate virtual SLR camera that incorporates all the physics of a real camera, in VR.

NOTE: This is an early release - additional features to come soon!


Magic Hour currently offers a fully controllable camera (Aperture, Shutter Speed, Exposure Compensation, Focal Length, ASM modes) with a hand-crafted island and hidden surprises to find. Pictures can be saved and shared.

Features planned for future update:

- Challenges with progression
- Virtual teacher to provide real-time feedback
- Additional lenses
- Additional cameras (with different sensor size)
- Additional worlds
- Additional props, animals, objects to interact with
- Exhibition space
- Multiplayer


Wolf In Motion Ltd


Steam Viveport

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Diciembre 20, 2016

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