Panoptic (PC)

Panoptic is an asymmetrical local multiplayer VR game, between an HTC Vive player, and a regular PC player.
The Vive player controls the powerful Overseer, while the PC player controls the Challenger, a citizen rebelling against the Overseer's oppressive reign. The Challenger must try to avoid the Overseer's scorching gaze, and to do so, they must often hide in plain sight among the other citizens.DevelopmentWe are still in the early stages of development, but plan to release the game in Early Access once it's core features have been more fully fleshed out.
Until then, please enjoy the demo of the game!

The demo currently only supports local multiplayer, so a Vive headset is required to play. However, we plan to add networked multiplayer in the near future, at which point, even people who don't own a Vive can play (albeit only as the Challenger).


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Team Panoptes



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Mayo 16, 2019

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