Grapply (PC)

Currently In Early Alpha.
Grapply is a racing game where players use grapple beams to pull themselves around tracks and through the air racing against the AI.
Comfort Rating: Intense

You will need to master using grapple beams to beat 7 AI racers and enter your name on the leader-board in one of 5 themed tracks. Each one with it’s own personality and skills required.

Subway: Full Of Tight Turns Where Speed Is King.
Cave: Manage Your Altitude to Pull the Best Time.
City: Dodging traffic and buildings require precise maneuvering.
Sky: Don’t let the serenity fool you, competition is even hotter in the sky.
Space: In zero gravity you’ll be flying in every direction.

From swivel chair to room-scale, our tracks have an equal number of left and right turns so you’ll never tangle yourself up.

Early Access

We need feedback from the Steam community to make this the best game possible. We want to know what works and what doesn’t from a variety of players. Give feedback and interact with us on the community hub.

Current Demo Features
Single player timed races
5 themed test tracks
7 AI racing opponents
Basic settings menu
Local leaderboard
Vision for full game:
8 player multiplayer
Elemental power-ups to affect you and your competitors
Multiple themed circuits with multiple tracks each
Global leaderboards
Tournament mode
Customized circuits
Number of laps
Acceleration and drag
AI parameters
Included power-ups


Glyphic Productions