Break free from your room and take combat to the skies! HVR is a VR experiment inspired by Marvel’s Iron Man designed to push the boundaries of VR locomotion by providing a way for players to experience free flight and 360-degree aerial combat without a cockpit.

HVR puts you inside of an armored suit and straps jetpacks to your hands that let you fly, dodge, and shoot in all directions! Live your dreams of being a superhero and take on a horde of enemy fighter jets that won’t give up without a fight.

If you liked this or have feedback, please direct them to the HVR Demo Community Discussion page: http://steamcommunity.com/app/510950/discussions/

I'd love to make this a full game if there's enough interest and support from the community!

Special thanks to Jabili, Austin, Jared, Zach, Sean, Rohan, and Ramya for providing feedback and helping test.


Andre Le


Andre Le



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