VRporize - VR FPS (PC)


The future seems dark due to an unexpected incident on planet Mercury. There's no contact to the research and mine station and the earth decided to start a rescue
mission to find out whats happened. As commander Peter you have to explore the research and mine complex and fight your own way to rescue the earth from the invaders ... if you survive. Good luck commander!

VRporize includes

  • Fast action and fun
  • Three episodes - 29 individual maps
  • Free movement by teleporting (Explore the maps and find your own combat system)
  • Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme
  • Armor, Medipaks, Batteries and more
  • A pistol, plasmagun, automatic riffle and a sawed-off shotgun to destroy every enemy who stands on your way
  • Different kinds of monster
  • Shooting enemies (Use roomscale)
  • Savepoints
  • 12 Metal / industrial tracks
  • Three giant final enemies
  • Individual sounds
  • Overwhelming and different map design

"A back to the roots shooter in VR style with a lot of content." -VRporize team


Acción indie