Sketchbox (PC)

Design for VR, in VR.

Sketchbox is a VR design tool. It lets you sketch user interface ideas in 3D and interact with your drawings as though you're the user. You can import images from your favorite desktop design tools, or even 3D models. Sketchbox is non-destructive, meaning everything (down to individual pen strokes) can be moved around anytime, making it easy to experiment with designs and try variations without fear of making mistakes.

Drawing in 3D is fun, but also challenging. Unrestricted movement can make it difficult to achieve smooth lines. We spent a while experimenting and came up with a few tools to make it easier. One example is the Work Plane, which lets you place a 2D drawing surface anywhere in space.

Designing for AR? 360 image import lets you see AR designs in context. You can import 3D models representing the physical elements you're designing around (hands, faces, surfaces, etc) and add drawings or images on top representing your application UI.