OneManVurgeR (PC)

Popular mobile VR game OneManVurge now arrives to Steam platform!
You can now really sweat playing OneManVurge in this new version!

You are George, owner of a hamburger restaurant.
All your employees didn't show up today for some reason but your restaurant is super busy!!
Of course customers don't care about your feeling. Before customers start scolding, you must take care of constantly arriving orders.

■how to play
・Operation You can easily operate in all controller of the trigger.
・Play time is 150sec. You can choose the mode from three difficulties.
・Cook hamburgers with "vans","meat patty","cheese","tomato" and "lettuce".
・When "time-bomb",it represents how long they can wait for their hamburger, blows up the customers decide to go back to their home without buying hamburgers.
・You can get bonus score when you serve hamburgers with good tempo!


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