Sonic Hunter VR (PC)

It was a long time ago, there was a quiet and peaceful village, in this magical land, where villagers can enjoy music like sounds of nature, but one day a monster suddenly appeared, how did villagers to protect their right to enjoy the music?
We are Viriver studio. The Sonic Hunter is our latest production, a kind of VR music rhythm game. Painting style of low poly is lovely and cool, it will take you into a fairy tale world.
Players in the game will play a role as a sixteen-year-old boy who is a miracle fighter. Use magical shield to resist the musical virus invasion and save the village.

Features of the game
Control rhythm actively, new experience of game playing
We decide to adopt a model in which the player could control the key rhythm on their own, it means only when your hands touch the object coming to you can the key rhythm sound, it makes the music sound more pleasant and attractive.

Challenge classical music of piano
We had selected 42 piano famous songs, such as Johann Pachelbel's “Canon”, Beethoven's “For Elise “, Robert Schumann’s “Happy Farmer”, etc. And all the classical music will be played by yourself. At the same time, we strongly recommend that music enthusiasts wear your headphones, and enjoy the melody.

Painting style of low poly is lovely and cool
Pure and fresh style, light color, all these make you feeling relaxed and cheerful.

SSS evaluation system & worldwide leaderboard
Once completed a piece of music, according to the accuracy, missing number, and so forth, SSS evaluation system will give you a reasonable score when you complete a piece of music.

About us
Sonic Hunter has been developed by Viriver independently. Viriver is committed to VR game development. If you have any suggestions, please contact us.


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Noviembre 22, 2016

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