Crazy Saloon VR (PC)

Crazy Saloon VR : The Virtual Saloon Experience.
Discover the Old West with this quirky saloon simulator built for HTC Vive.


Bartender: Take on the role of the bartender and serve the thirsty cowboys but don't let them leave without paying.

Darts: Well, you know, darts!

Chicken Feast: For the first time in your life experience what it's like to be a hungry chicken.

Bar defense: As the bartender's son your job is to get rid of all the bandits that are coming for your Pop's sweet homebrew. You've got a slingshot to help you and maybe some dynamite..

Bottle Skeet: Are you a bad boy? Prove it and shoot as fast as you can. But beware, only the bottles.

And of course there is a free mode where you'll be able to roam freely around the saloon shooting things and stuff, fully express your craziness creativity!

Many more features to come.


Monsieur K


Monsieur K