BladeShield (PC)

It takes a unique set of skills along with a unique set of tools to take on a rogue A.I. hell bent on destroying you and everything in its path. Pick up your BladeShields, dual purpose light sword and proton shield combination, to hold off the onslaught of robotic sawbots, blaster bots, jumps bots and mega turrets! Survive as long as you can in this sci-fi inspired game. Switch between shield and sword with the click of a button, charge up your light sword by blocking incoming laser bolts and unleash a tremendous EMP blast when when fully charged! The power of the BladeShields is in your hands, use it with honor, pride and great skill, because the fate of the ship is in your hands!

Fight the way you want, dual-wield swords, sword/shield, shield/shield. Change on the fly
Variety of robots intent on destroying humanity
Multiple colors, customize your experience
Fast paced action
Steam leaderboards
Scifi melee defender
Block with your shield, deflect with your sword, dodge threats
Quirky captain
Super smart shipboard A.I.
Powerful emp blast
Turrets, deathbots, sawbots, shooterbots
Save yourself (and humanity)

Defend against a unique and powerful robot army. From powerful mega turrets, to a deluge of small, seemingly harmless Leapers!

Your tools are the infamous BladeShields. Designed by the military's brightest minds. These weapons switch between a lethal energy blade that will cut though metal like butter and deflect incoming blasts with deadly accuracy. With the flip of a switch, you are protected by the proton shield, able to deflect most energy blasts as well as absorbing some of the energy to fuel a powerful EMP blast!


- Julian Rzechowicz (ok Games)"The deeper shield-to-sword mechanic really helps elevate this game beyond other simple shooters."

- Nathan's sandbox"this Is A Lot Of Fun!"

- VR Games For (Immersive Virtual Reality Games)“The whole experience [is] intensive, immersive, challenging and fun."


Acción Casual




Rank17 Silicon Storm



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Noviembre 28, 2016

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