Escape Artist: The Trial (PC)

Escape Artist: The Trial enables you to find your inner escape artist!
Combining the best parts of a real life room escape experience into Virtual Reality, Escape Artist: The Trial goes even further:
break things to make things!

Escape Artist: The Trial is a single room escape room game. Inside the room you need to find clues and solve the puzzles to get your freedom.
You will need to combine items to make tools, find keys to access other items and much more.features Including: HTC Vive room scale
Picking up and interacting with objects by breaking and combining
Diverse puzzle mechanics
Real room escape feel
Hint system
So Enter the Trial and Show Your Worth!about Us:Morrow Games is a finnish Virtual Reality gaming studio offering in-depth VR experiences. We believe Unreal Engine 4 and HTC Vive to be a kickass combo. Join us in virtual reality!


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Diciembre 7, 2016

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