One Of The Last (PC)

"One Of The Last" has been inspired by some of the classic tower defence games including "COD Zombies" and "Left 4 Dead". Even though we are in Early Access we are within 2 months of moving to full release, you'll find a fairly complete game already there for countless hours of playing.

"One Of The Last" has been built upon the best features of those games that inspired us, creating a unique Virtual Reality experience that is NOT another "wave shooter".

Explore the truth behind the "One Of The Last" world, spread over extensive and large levels (both as single and multi-player games). Solve challenges and puzzles on your own or with friends, build barriers to buy some time, grab perks left by the undead and even power ancient devices with their souls.

Buy weapons from walls ( or if you've spent all your cash ask a friend to buy it for you ) - "One Of The Last" focuses on real multi-player team work when dealing with the horde. Be careful to store those extra items in your pockets and using grenades is a great way to create some slower legless zombies!

The list of features already in Early Access is extensive, please check out our discussion threads for a list of everything we've currently got! Link :

We are highly active development team, releasing extensive new feature updates every few weeks and work actively with our community to build an exciting, deep and explorative game - we'll see you in the "shotgun corner" :)


Deep Voodoo Gaming