Trump Simulator VR (PC)

Mr. Trump! Mr. Trump! You have 5 minutes until your big speech. Don't forget your To-Do List!

The weight of the world rests in your tiny little hands.

***Profits will go to support the refugee crisis at Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS)***

We created this game to poke political fun while also calling attention to serious issues. Frustrated with the election and how so many controversies seemed to pile up and be forgotten, the jokes in the game are intended to inspire outside research - for example, what's with the hands circled in gold sharpie about? Are those real tweets he actually wrote?

We are passionate about finding ways to engage our peers with our political system, and we thought a virtual reality game would be a novel, entertaining medium to learn more about the Republican candidate. That being said, Trump Simulator does not comment on everything and should not be taken too seriously, but rather to remind everyone there is nothing serious about Trump as a candidate.

A PostModem game- made entirely under 50 hours by a single developer. Distributed by The Family. Exclusively on HTC Vive.


Christine Barron



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Octubre 27, 2016

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