Boo Breakers: The Ghostening (PC)

Boo Breakers: The GhosteningJoin a band of mages, known as the Boo Breakers, and travel to a variety of locales. Cast spells to reveal hidden dangers and expel all manner of things that go bump in the night, while having fun along the way. Entrusted with powerful magic wands, it is up to you to discover the secrets of the land on your way to becoming the master Boo Breaker.

Grab Spirits and Trap Them Using Your Crystal Wand
Dodge Incoming Attacks or Use Your Manipulate Spell to Deflect Them
Scan the Environment to Discover Treasure and Power-ups
Seek Out Hidden Keys and Gain Entry to the Bosses Chambers
Battle Powerful Bosses Like Knuckles the Lich and Harry the Haunting
Explore Different Environments Like the Forests of Evermore and Ghastly Manor
React to an Onslaught of Enemies When Engaging Frantic Encounters
Enhance the Power of Your Magic Wands With a Variety of Upgrades

Work your way through the haunted house and forest to discover the hidden treasures, keys, upgrades, and other mages! Uncover the secrets of the Ghostening and learn how to defeat the a powerful lich and frightful specter!

Work your powerful magic against an assortment of wild and mystical beings, bent on keeping you from discovering the true source of evil!!!