Whack-a-Vote: Hammering the Polls (PC)

Do you have opinions? Do you like to tell people about your opinions till their ears bleed? Wonderful! It sounds like you're ready to exercise your constitutional right to vote!

Now, as 2016 has seen such an unprecedented election cycle, it only seems fitting that our cutting-edge new voting machine technology is revealed to the world to decide between some very colorful candidates!

Complete the sign-in form before entering one of our delightful booths and choose carefully your voting implement. Voting is very important, but also very expensive. A slot machine, with a direct feed straight from the IRS and the Federal Reserve, has been provided to dispense taxpayer funds to power the amazing new Whack-A-Vote machines.

Vote with care, electorate! Every single vote counts, maybe!About the Team and our Goals:Back in September a post on r/vive was made asking if people were interested in making VR content. Within hours we had several people respond to it and we further organized ourselves in a discord channel. We had people from all skill levels present but we all shared the same goal, to create content for VR in order to further support the VR community. We organized into smaller teams with each team pursuing a small project. Whack a Vote is the first title to reach completion. We quickly realized that releasing a game as a group would require a legal entity backing us which meant we had to start a company. With that said we hope that this title will provide us with enough funding to establish ourselves as a legitimate company that will be solely VR focused. We understand that this title is small in scope and quirky but we did put our heart into it. If anything the project is providing us with a stepping stone for bigger and better projects to come.


Casual indie


Exforsys Inc.


Subreality Studios LLC.



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