Castle Must Be Mine (PC)

Have you ever simulated war games by using toys? Or have you ever imagined that they could participate in the war games under your command? Right now the VR Technology offer a strong immersive experience make this become more real.
Castle Must Be Mine is a VR tower defense game. Through building the defense tower on the building points, helping the hero to kill the enemies who want to invade your castle, and after killing the enemies, you will earn some money which can be used to build more towers or upgrade towers as well. Meanwhile you need to command your hero and use your special skills to obtain better performance.

Key Features:
Building and upgrading towers with your strategy.
Command your hero to attack enemies and get more experience point to level up.
Over 30 different monsters, including land monsters and fly monsters.
5 fascinating forest-style maps, 4 desert-style maps and 3 Ice field maps .
Use VIVE controller to throw the fireball, tornado and ice ball to anywhere.
Throwing the boulders from the castle wall to hit and block the enemies.
Fire the Cannon on the castle wall to bombard enemies.
Cast spike trap on the path to stab enemies.