Supa Kila Monsta Hunta (PC)

Fast paced action Shoot-em bomb-em smash-em up for room scale VR with arsenal of weapons that will hardly be enough for a true hero will reach the goal. Meanwhile collect all the parts required to create a supreme being that will cleanse the world of monsters. Complete the quest and be a champion.

Monsters are though and they will overwhelm you on in your quest to reach the centre.
NOTE: SKMH, Supa Kila Monsta Hunta is still under development. and will slowly will make you scream for more.

- dynamic creatures, reacting to environment, fully physical. Grab them, smash them, headbutt them to suck their life force, then throw them in the air in slow time while evading a ricochet.
- 1 surreal open world environment
- 8 action levels of labyrinths, from easy to ultra hard with more complexity
- uses touch pad movement and teleportation
- 15 projectile based weapons
- 6 melee weapons (axes, halberds)
- 3 types of bombs
- time manipulation / bullet time
- 6 magic spells

Be the light-bringer, the keeper of fire, daemon of order and angel of chaos, deliverer of servitude, the redeemer and the taker. You are the one of strength and road to glory will be filled with darkness of your divine light.

SKMH is a single (VR) and has two (VR/Desktop) player asymmetric local co-op or playing against VR player (second player is on main screen with keyboard and mouse)




Tadej Fius