A Fear Of Heights, And Other Things (PC)

This is a VR experience which shows how virtual reality can invoke an involuntary response. I created the first scene - the canyon - as I wanted to demonstrate the effect to friends without having to guide them through a game to a suitable point. It was so effective I wanted to expand on it. This is very much aimed at being an experience you can keep in your library and bring out to show new users - it isn't a game so there aren't any challenges in it, and will have less effect on veteran VR users.

The current stationary scenes are:
A wooden bridge over a canyon
A narrow ledge on a cliff
The top of a building in a city
Being in a dark passageway with only a flip lighter
Being trapped underground with the walls closing in
In the ocean surrounded by sharks
On a window cleaning gondola on the side of a skyscraper
There are also scenes which include player movement:
Performing a base jump
Swinging round a city with grappling hooks


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