MegaRats (PC)

The planet is under attack by Giant Rats. We don't know where they came from, or why they're here. Help the citizens of Mega Rats defend their cities.

Mega Rats is a fun filled and carefully crafted mix of fluid physical motion and hilarious Giant Rats.

Mixing gameplay aspects of a First Person Shooter with a 3rd Person action adventure game, Mega Rats provides hours of fun.
Explore the landscapes, discover cities, and defend the citizens, with full rigid body character physics in a large open world.
Enjoy smooth character control while immersing yourself in the visceral soundtrack accompanying Mega Rats.
Mega Rats can be played in VR!Virtual Reality requires a supported Head Mounted Display (OSVR or SteamVR Compatible), but Mega Rats can also be played on 3D Televisions and regular 2D monitors.




Red Frizbee Studios



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Noviembre 3, 2016

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