Fair Islands VR (PC)

Enjoy an all-in-one mini-games bundle. From nostalgic childhood gameplay to original ones, discover a variety of VR mechanisms in a relaxing and colorful environment. Collect items and proudly place them in your personal house that can be visited by your friends.Key featuresAbout 10 mini-games so far.
Difficulty modes for each.
Practice mode.
Daily ranked mode to win tokens.
Tokens to earn rewards.
Rewards to place in your personal house to feel proud.
Visit other players' house and get jealous over their rewards.
A whole game made with love.Mini-games so farValve-tier quality, two-handed aiming, bow system, with bottomless quiver.
Ambidextrous whack-a-mole.
Vive-prevision nostalgic electric hands game.
Classic duck fishing.
No gravity bocce.
Underwater pairing game.
Mouses-powered ferris wheel.
Secondary effect-free beer pong.
Out of context firearm target game.
Knock down cans
And more on deckUpcoming featuresMore mini-games, more !
NPCs to add some live to the main island
Side-activities for alternative ways to earn tokens
Multiplayer mini-games


Lost Bra


Lost Bra



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Septiembre 14, 2016

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