WackyMoles (PC)

Wacky Moles is VR casual game like the Whack-A-Mole. The legend of this town continues and more moles from the backyard also get involved in….
The storyline of this game is that naughty moles often wander in the vegetable field of the backyard. In order to protect vegetables and fruits we laboriously planted, we have to raise up our hammer to fight against these naughty moles.

How to Play:
In the game, players attack all kinds of moles with the hammer. The player should eliminate moles as many as possible within a specific limited time, so as to obtain scores. Of course, don’t accidentally injure kind-hearted rabbits if you meet them. This is can not only make you lose HP, but also miss the chance to get gifts from them. Some moles will not allow themselves to be seized without putting up a fight. They will throw out all kinds of items to attack players. The player can move to avoid their attacks or block attacks with the hammer.
There are a lot of props in the game. Players can pick up these props by hammer attack. Freezing props can freeze all objects, making the player easier to hit the target. Twinkling stars have full screen AoE skill. Once triggered, they can cause a lot of damage on moles within the scene. Watch out flying saucer props. Don’t carelessly pick up them, because they can turn your hammer into a smaller one to increase the game difficulty. Of course, there are also many other interesting props waiting for you to explore one by one!
Game Features:
Mini and Exaggerated Character Settings
Rich Mole Varieties: ordinary mole, party mole, pilot mole and cowboy mole
Immersive Experience that redefines Whack-A-Mole
Rich Featured Gameplays such as gifts, props, dodge and block







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Diciembre 12, 2016

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