ZombVR (PC)

Full-Immersion VR Zombie Game for the HTC Vive and Oculus Touch!

DonkeyKwon Games has taken the classic "COD zombie" survival concept and infused it with fully immersive, realistic combat. Breaking the standard VR framework of locking players in a static location, ZombVR allows players to explore areas and move around in real time.

Immersive Environment
Interactive Physics
Round-Based Survival
Boss Fights (Boss fights occur after certain amount of rounds in Lone Survivor mode)
Weapon Upgrades (Lone Survivor mode)
Area Unlocks
Mini VR Games
And more...
ZombVR will eventually also offer multiplayer modes both in co-op and versus to let you play with and against friends and other users in realistic cover, shooting, and survival scenarios.

See Early Access details for complete list of CURRENT features.

NOTE: Multiplayer features are NOT currently available. They will be coming in future builds. Please see the EARLY ACCESS section for details.


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DonkeyKwon Games