Tribocalypse VR (PC)

Take the role of a tribol defending its sacred totem from the rival tribols. A magical bow and explosive fire flasks allow you to rain devastation on your enemies. Skilled use of these weapons is needed, because the enemy tibols get stronger, faster and more equipped by the minute - how long can you last?
Experience the barren world of Tribocalypse plagued by constant skirmishes in the name of fickle Gods!Awesome FeaturesMagical bow with endless arrows. No need to draw arrows from odd places!
Fire flasks with power to wipe out a groups of enemies. Just pick one up and let it fly!
Tracking spear for those trick shots.
Defend your totem from thieving enemy tribols.
Unique setting in the world of Tribocalypse.
Community involvement.


Acción Casual indie


Totemic Entertainment Ltd