Music Inside: A VR Rhythm Game (PC)

The best VR rhythm game compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Touch! Music Inside!

What would it feel like to jump inside the music? To see and feel the heartbeat of the music and to play along with it! Dream big, because no matter what is in your head, it will come true.
Just choose your favorite song and play. You can choose any song from either your own music library or the never-ending list on SoundCloud. The 10 different pads and four colors of notes will guide you to Music Inside.

Everyone knows that ‘the best way to enjoy the best’ is to share with your besties. With multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends next door or with any users anywhere: literally anyone from the big gigantic world!

So you in or not?

Come inside, and play the music!

Choose from 5 difficulty levels and 4 different game modes
Add any MP3 file from your personal music library. Our algorithm accurately determines when to place the beats to give you a stimulating gameplay experience.
Create a profile and track your high score for each song under each game mode.
Multiplayer mode!
Enjoy visuals that place you at center stage facing a live audience.
Audio visualisations, fireworks, and special effects complement the beat of the music and your performance
Customize your gameplay experience with custom drum sticks and fun themes.
Steam achievements


Casual indie


Reality Reflection



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Septiembre 5, 2016

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