Edge Guardian (PC)

Edge Guardian is a surreal-futuristic action beat-em-up for the HTC Vive.
You have been summoned to defend the fringe of reality itself from a horde of reality-eating void cubes.
Find yourself immersed in many different, eerie landscapes, punching your way through wave after wave of enemies.

Is it the future? Is it the past? Why do you need to stay inside the bounds to stay alive?
And how do you turn off the voice of Hex, the white cube?

We have created Edge Guardian specifically for the Htc Vive, it's a project born on this platform, for this platform. You need to move, you need to stay active and punch those cubed reality suckers in the face.

The Guardian can attack with his fists, grab dead enemies, shoot them at other foes and create energy edges from the ground. Thanks to Hex and his built in radar you can easily understand where the enemy waves are coming from and plan a counter attack.

Build combos, try to survive, and unfold the secret of the Guardian!

Here is the game's planned roadmap from early access to full release:


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