Tvori (PC)

Tvori is a playful program for animating in virtual reality.


To create an animation, first approach the tabletop workspace and begin decorating the set with various props—you can find them in the drawers below the table top. When you are ready to animate, press the Record button on the animation timeline. Then, pick up the prop you want to animate first and move it around—you'll notice the animation timeline starts to capture every detail of your movements in real-time. When you've finished capturing, you can scroll the animation timeline backwards—to the beginning or any point in between—and start moving another prop. With each new motion, you begin to layer the animation towards becoming its very own story!


There's a camera on the table. You can use it as a regular real-life camera, and you can even animate it the same way as other props. A video feed from the camera is mirrored on a screen attached to the animation timeline.


There are three primary drawing tools: a marker, a brush, and a pencil. Grab one of these and try drawing something by pressing the trigger button. Drawings behave the same way as other props and can be animated!

More stuff coming

This is an early version, so we have lots to implement. In the following updates we will be focusing on:
  • saving and loading scenes
  • better way to manage a large library of props
  • solution that mitigates stretching when reaching to tools, buttons, and props
  • ability to export video from the camera
  • advanced animation system