Relativity (PC)

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Agosto 24, 2016

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Relativity will turn your world upside down. Unique gameplay allows you to use curved surfaces and stairs to walk from the floor, up the walls and across ceilings, shifting gravity and giving you a whole new perspective!

Relativity is built from the ground up for the HTC Vive. Freely move around and interract with the world using the motion controllers.

  • Complete freedom to explore your surroundings: Move around without restraints, from floors to walls and ceilings to explore a series of environments.
  • Tranform the surroundings: Lifts, bridges, doors and huge sections of the landscape may be moved to form new paths through this mysterious world.
  • Interract with the inhabitants of this strange land: Killer robots, face hugging crabs, dragons all stand in your way. Some may be avoided by move the landscape, others require stealth or maybe you'll grab a laser pistol to deal with them.
  • Enjoy a world built in areas linked together by teleporters you must power up. Many areas contain multiple teleports giving you freedom to choose your own path.
  • Customise the controls to suit your taste: Choose between teleportation for a comfortable experience, or trackpad controls for a more roller coaster feel as you transfer from floors to the walls.








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