Birdtual Reality (PC)

Welcome to Birdtual Reality, the first open-world flying and air-racing game for the HTC Vive. If you have ever dreamed of flying like a bird or super-hero, this is the VR experience for you!

Key Features:
> 2 Control Styles
  - Fly like a bird by flapping your arms
  - Fly like a superhero by holding your arms in front of you
> 2 large areas to explore in free-roam
  - 190km x 190km around the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
  - 300km x 300km around Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
> 10 wing types to choose from
> 4 air races with Steam Leaderboard integration, challenge your friends!


Artificient Games Inc.



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Agosto 23, 2016

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