One Giant Leap (PC)

One Giant Leap is a virtuality game for the Vive that allows you to take one small step for room, one giant leap for room-scale.
But that's enough moon cheese, let's get to the moon game itself!

In One Giant Leap you are equipped with a pair of booster jets for controllers! Instead of teleporting around, experience an intuitive form of locomotion similar to that of your lucid dreams – flying! Simply thrust downward, and feel yourself launched upward; or aim your jets behind, and be propelled ahead! With this method of motion, you may smoothly complete missions on the moon, as well as explore the stunning lunar terrain in free flight. You have an open-moon environment at your controller-tips!

There are multiple mission types currently available, including:
4 Courses
2 Asteroid Hunts
Force Flight
Free Flight
One Giant Leap was inspired by innovative games like Battlezone, Freelancer, and Tribes Ascend for their immersive space environments and joy of maneuverability.
My goal is to manifest those kinds of experiences on the Vive.

Enjoy your moon landing!


Sylvan Studios LLC