VR Ultimate Paintball: Heartbreak, Regret & Paintbots (PC)

Go on a journey through vast, ornately decorated halls into deep, dark caverns full of glittering treasures and gaze upon wide open vistas of unparalleled beauty in stunning virtual reality... Is how the description of a pretty little VR experience game might start.
However, this is a game about paintball guns and shooting waves upon waves of robots, a dash of story is thrown into the mix and I hope you like it! But remember it’s mainly just inane senseless robot murder, target shooting and leader boards.

Created for VR using HTC Vive and Unreal Engine 4

VR Ultimate Paintball: Heartbreak, Regret & Paintbots focuses on an arcade like style of gameplay. Containing four different game modes: wave based shooter, competitive target practice, challenging stage based "Trial" map and an episodic story.Game Modes

Defend or Die, is a wave based game mode where you must defend a power core and yourself from the never ending onslaught of bots.

Current Features
Never ending waves
Helper turrets
Two enemy types
Re-generating wall
Wave intermission store
Local leader board
Planned Features
Deployable shield
A Boss battle
Different exciting ammunition types
Online leader board

The Trial is a proof of concept game mode with a lot of work still to be put in.
You must stock up before entering "The Trial" where you are given a set amount of time to progress across 5 different randomly selected maps, the goal is to achieve as high a score as possible in the allotted time.
Gain knowledge of the map types and layouts to find the best routes which will let you get the highest scores possible.

Current Features
5 Randomly selected modular maps
Turrets that block your path and attack
Weapon lockers placed throughout the levels
Local leader board
Planned Features
Procedually generated maps
Deadly obstacles
Paintbot enemy type that will be used to patrol levels
Online leader board

The story line is experimental as I need to gauge if the community will be interested in seeing more. Hopefully they will, as I'm excited to continue developing the next episode.
Currently it's a short but sweet experience traversing across three different levels and introducing you to the world of Heartbreak, Regret & Paintbots.

The Competitive Practice Range is a room scale environment which contains an arsenal of weapons at your finger tips (or even vive controllers). Scattered throughout the level are many targets, see if you can get the maximum score in the fastest time!

Current Features
One detailed map
Stationary targets
Local leader board
Planned Features
Dynamicly changable maps (think destructables)
Moving targets
A wider array of weaponry
Online leader board

Putting VR Ultimate Paintball into Early Access is a way of letting me continue development on the game. The main objective during this stage will be to implement a paintball multiplayer game mode. Something that was requested during the games time on Greenlight and something that I personally would love to have in the game.


Robert Potter


Robert Potter