Temple of the Apsara (PC)

Temple of the Apsara is a VR exploration adventure puzzle experience unlike any other for the HTC VIVE.

From the breathtaking mountainside to the depths of the ancient ruins, Temple of the Apsara is a journey unlike any other you’ve ever been on.

You stumble across an ancient mountain temple fabled to hold a secret. You were given clues to those secrets by an old acquaintance, “Dr. W.” But as you embark unearthing the mysteries behind the ancient temple, you’ll begin to quickly realize there’s more to the temple than meets the eye.

The moment you immerse yourself in the hour long journey of an ancient Tibetan temple you’ll go on an adventure of a lifetime exploring the Temple while attempting to discover the mysterious entry to the lost caverns.

Be careful though. Searching the temple and contemplating its mysteries is not for the faint of heart.


Aventura indie


Attraction Studios