MiRacle Pool (Quest)

# ????The Premier Pool Simulator????

➕**Real Ball Physics:** We spent 3+ years refining the most realistic billiards physics engine.


????**Easy Cue Stick Handling:** Learn fast with our intuitive aim, lock and shoot mechanic.


????**Mixed Reality:** Pool is best played in MR. Confidently move through your real room to line up the perfect shot.


???? **Game Modes:**
- Ranked Online Multiplayer
- Single Player Matches
- Private Matches with Friends
- Mini Games with Leaderboards
- Daily Challenges
- Practice Mode

????Progression: Earn XP, rank up and unlock new table designs, balls, cues and more! Also improve your competitive rating with multiplayer matches.

# Common Questions:

**Will the table fit in my small room?**

A smaller table option is available! Also rotate and move the table easily. You can even play seated!

**Don’t I need to place my hand on the table?**

Nope! Just lock your aim and shoot. You won’t believe how easy it is.

**Is Quest 2 compatible?**


**Where can I join the MiRacle Pool Discord Community?**

See link in additional details

**Will this improve my real world pool skills?**

We sure think so! Thanks to realistic physics for unlimited practice reps of learning angles, shot selection, strategy, etc.


Pixel Works Studios