Domino VR (PC)

Domino VR - A dream come true. Did you play a lot with dominos when you were young? We did too.
That's why we decided to make this game. Domino VR is an easy to use domino simulator where you can build whatever you want.
Make insane contraptions, create the next Domino Day. Whatever you can think of. Building and playing with dominos in VR is extremely fun.

The game is currently in a very basic state. That being said, it is quite fun to play.
We will list what is currently in the game, what we are working on and what we plan to add.Currently in the game Place dominos of various sizes, grab them and throw them around. Dominos spawn with a completely random color.
Teleport around
In-game menu where you can reset the world, enable/disable music and change (or disable gravity)
Domino placing “cars” that you can let drive around the world and place dominos for you
Various simple “things” you can use to interact with your dominos
Basic sounds
Color picker to change domino colors
Spectator camera to take screenshots or show spectators what you are doing
Menu on the left controller (currently only used for the color picker)
Weld tool to weld dominos together
Animatable cameraBeing worked on Better weld tool and effects
World decoration
Objective oriented mapsPlanned features Load/save worlds
More and better decorated worlds
Better sounds
Better models
Different game modes
Steam workshop for worlds and models







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