The Wire (PC)

● 将操纵杆(手柄前端)放入start圆环中,圆环变绿,游戏开始。
● 关卡时间结束;
● 操纵杆碰到赛道;
● 操纵杆前端过前或者过后,脱离赛道平面(当前端显示红色时,意味着你已经进入危险距离;为蓝色时,距离安全)。
● 通过圆盘的上下按键可以调整圆盘的高度,以便适应您的身高。
● 每关拥有基础积分;
● 根据剩余时间计算积分。
● 我们会增加更多的关卡;
● 我们会调整关卡长度,以便空间较小的用户也能够进行游戏;
● 我们会增加基于网络的分数排行榜,使您能够看到自己的排名;
● 我们会增加简易模式,使您在死亡后可以从赛道中间开始游戏(简易模式积分会与普通模式计算方式不同);
● 我们会增加联网对战,可以使您和好友来一场比赛。

The Wire is a casual puzzle game with plenty of levels, which is designed to suit the needs and abilities of players of all ages. Play with the electronic background music, you just need to move the controller to go forward. The most import thing is making sure it is going on the track. To win a level, you just need to reach the end point before time up. That's it. We hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do!
Game start:
Put the joystick in the start ring,Rings become green, the game begins
Game over:
time out;
joystick touch the track;
Before or after the end of the joystick,Out of the track plane
(When the current side shows red,Means that you have entered a dangerous distance
When the current side shows blue,safety)
Track height adjustment:
The visual height can be adjusted by the touchpad up and down key;
Integral calculation:
Basic points per level;
According to the remaining time statistics score;
Follow up development plan:
We'll add more levels.
We will adjust the level length,so that smaller users can also play the game;
We will increase the network based scores,so that you can see your ranking;
We'll add a simple pattern,So that you can start the game from the middle of the circuit after you lose(Simple mode integration will be different from the ordinary mode);
We will increase the network to fight,We will increase the network to fight, so that you and your friends to a game。