AM Model Viewer (PC)

Build a 3d model using your favourite design tools, then explore it in 3D space.

The AM Model Viewer allows you to view models stored on your own machine immediately. Just select the file and the model is loaded into the viewer. The following formats are supported:

Collada (.dae) an open standard format that is supported by nearly all modelling software, especially CAD packages.
OBJ (Wavefront) an open standard format that is widely supported by modelling software.
If you have an architectural plan for a new house and want to know what it feels like to walk around; Get the model and go exploring!

Or maybe you just want to stare a Stormtrooper in the face.

With a massive amount of 3D models available on the internet, and great modelling tools for creating original content. Model Viewer lets you experience your 3D models in virtual reality.


Ao Mariko 2016


Ao Mariko 2016