Ghost Pursuit VR (PC)

Ghost Pursuit VR is a new generation Pac-Man, with a touch of Bomberman :)Playable in virtual reality and also on a classic screen.
Your goal: Escape the ghosts and collect bonuses to destroy them!

VR In-Game Level Editor:
Make your customs levels, put blocs, bonuses, ghosts, textures, musics ... fly in your creations in VR.
Share them online to the community and download new maps.

More than 10 official maps

Destructible environment

A.I.: Ghosts can analyze changes to their environment and even break walls

3 attack bonuses: Proximity bomb, Fireball and Wall breaker

3 defense bonuses: Invulnerability, Ultra Speed and Invisibility
September 2015: Game's idea.
April 2016: Funded on Kickstarter.
September 2016: Global Archiact Jam for HTC Vive 3rd place winner.


Raf1 Dev


Raf1 Dev


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