Ghost Pursuit VR (PC)

Ghost Pursuit VR is a new generation Pac-Man, with a touch of Bomberman :)

Playable in virtual reality and also on a classic screen.

Your goal: Escape the ghosts and collect bonuses to destroy them!

  • VR In-Game Level Editor:
    Make your customs levels, put blocs, bonuses, ghosts, textures, musics ... fly in your creations in VR.
    Share them online to the community and download new maps.

  • More than 10 official maps

  • Destructible environment

  • A.I.: Ghosts can analyze changes to their environment and even break walls

  • 3 attack bonuses: Proximity bomb, Fireball and Wall breaker

  • 3 defense bonuses: Invulnerability, Ultra Speed and Invisibility

September 2015: Game's idea.
April 2016: Funded on Kickstarter.
September 2016: Global Archiact Jam for HTC Vive 3rd place winner.


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Raf1 Dev


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