DMZ is a VR content that allows you to explore the area around the DMZ in Yeoncheon. Accompanied by a soldier, you can learn about the history and natural ecosystems of the DMZ area. You can also experience landmine removal through minigames.
DMZ is divided into 3 play modes.
In Mode 1, you'll get an introduction to the background of the DMZ, the Southern Limit Line, and the Northern Limit Line.
In Mode 2, you will start from the Typhoon Observatory in the Civilian Control Zone and travel to the DMZ, passing by the Sangseung OP 1 Tunnel, Dapsari Park, and the Imjin River Peace Wetland. Along the way, you'll learn about the tourist attractions and ecosystems of the DMZ, as well as the grim realities of war.
In Mode 3, you can play a mini-game to try mine detection. Remove all mines and transform this land into a peaceful paradise!

How to Play
1. Select a language from the title. DMZ supports Korean and English. You can switch to your favorite language at any time, even during gameplay.
2. After choosing a language, customize your character. You can customize your character with different combinations of hair, tops, bottoms, and shoes.
3. On your first run, you must complete the playthrough from Mode 1 to select the desired mode later.





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