Russian VR Coasters (PC)

Collection of Russian VR Coasters

Experience 4 types of different VR Coasters that will bring you new amazing impressions!

Russian Zombies Coaster

Extreme Coaster in the city in the times of the zombie apocalypse. Dizzy turns, cruel bloody zombie and lots of tearing adrenaline are waiting for you!

Russian Coaster in the Castle

Take a ride from the highest tower of the castle, which raises over the local village. Steep descent and vertiginous jump are waiting for you!

Russian Coaster in the Andes

You will rush close to a huge gap, soar above the alpine village and see the stunning mountain scenery!

Russian Coaster in Space

Stunning coasters in the depths of the infinite universe! Expansion of space, delightful atmosphere and steep turns!

Controls (Keyboard/GamePad):

- "R" / "Y" button - recenter;
- "Esc" / "B" button - back to main menu;


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Funny Twins


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