Under Pressure (PC)

What happens when you make a VR game only about Pressure Washers? From cleaning any object imaginable, playing soccer or volleyball up to flying - Under Pressure is a multiplayer playground that’s all about what you can do with a power washer in your hands.

Bring your friends to clean objects together or soar through the skies using a variety of water guns with various power levels. Throw cleaning bombs to quickly clean huge items, give bulldogs a refreshing scrub and earn coins to unlock new areas, new power washers or fancy hats.Features
Multiplayer-First Pressure Washing in all it’s glory
Import and clean an unlimited variety of items with the Sketchfab Implementation
(Ab)use your power washers to play volleyball, soccer or clean the dog
Use the OP power washer to fly and explore a whole pressure washer playground
Unlockable hats and power washer upgrades







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Octubre 26, 2023

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