CookieRun: The Darkest Night ~ Chapter1 ~ (Quest)

Step into the world of CookieRun! Play as GingerBrave, a freshly-baked cookie with a candy cane and the power of friendship. Embark on a big adventure from a small perspective.

To escape the Witch's castle, you'll have to defeat The Darkest Lord and his army of henchmen - as well as the magical creatures and monsters. But fear not, you won't be alone! Gather cookie companions and pets to accompany you on your journey and aid you in battle. Explore the castle, fight enemies, and become the legend you were destined to be.

Featuring 11 immersive environments, a variety of mini-games, and never-before-seen CookieRun lore.

Become the legendary GingerBrave, and bring light to The Darkest Night!


• Become a 14cm Cookie and witness a world where everything looks astonishingly different!

• Dive into intense battles! Combat diverse foes, each with unique personalities. Wield 3 melee weapons with 4 elemental variations and 3 slingshots with 5 elemental bullets. Test your skills!

• Experience 11 uniquely themed spaces, from human-sized areas like the hot oven, Witch's bakery, Incubation Chamber, Auditorium and Forge to smaller cookie-scaled spots like Gnome Square, Tunnel, Armory and Lava Mine. Dive in and discover them all!

• Full of VR-only interactions!
Drive mining carts, yank out mandrakes, take control of a colossal Franken Cookie, dodge cats, shatter barriers, tug on a lizard's tail, and so much more!



Devsisters Corp.


Studio FreshDoh!