StellarEchoes:Terrain Explorer (PC)

There are 7 works in the Stellar Echoes series, each with a different gameplay. StellarEchoes:TerrainExplorer is one of the sequels, in which players travel to the target planet as a recruit to the Interstellar Authority to complete trials and earn the Medal of Achievement. This time, under the URP rendering pipeline, we reconstructed and upgraded the Qingzhou spacecraft, making the experience smoother and the scene more realistic.
In TerrainExplorer, there are a lot of terrain and space designs, you need to think patiently and observe the changes in the terrain, after successfully passing, you will encounter two boss-level battles. Don't worry, take out the weapon in your hand, move flexibly, I believe you will be able to defeat it, and the result will pass this trial. Back on the Light Boat spacecraft, you can view your Medal of Achievement. By the way, the Light Boat spacecraft also has a piloting system, don't forget to find it.


Li Yin


Li Yin



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