Riff XR (PC)

RIFF XR, is a virtual reality social platform. Providing a fully interactive, multi-user environment, RIFF XR allows users to create, explore, and live out their imaginations in limitless digital landscapes.

Whether you’re participating in heart-racing PVP and PVE adventures, mingling with global users in vibrant social hubs, or creating your unique virtual reality content, RIFF XR is your gateway to an expansive digital universe. Its groundbreaking blend of VR and AI technologies pushes the boundaries of interactive entertainment.

RIFF XR is not just a game, it’s your personal canvas to a limitless virtual universe.

As a token of our appreciation for your invaluable contribution as early access users, We at RIFF XR are thrilled to present you with a unique gift - a one-of-a-kind Founder Avatar. These distinctive avatars, with their unique designs and features, are reserved exclusively for our pioneering users.
Each Founder Avatar is uniquely crafted and will never be recreated or made available again in the world of RIFF XR. This exclusive avatar isn’t just a symbol of our gratitude; it’s your badge of honor, marking you as a trailblazer in the RIFF XR universe.

In addition to your exclusive Founder Avatar, early access users will also receive a commemorative weapons pack to get you started on your RIFF XR adventures. This special pack includes a distinguished Founder’s Pistol.


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