UBOAT: The Silent Wolf (Quest)

Immerse yourself in the epic world of UBOAT: The Silent Wolf and take on the role of a commander of a legendary World War II submarine. Experience an incredible story in the singleplayer STORY CAMPAIGN or lead a group of four friends in the COOPERATIVE MODE. Together, track down enemies to achieve success on the maritime battlefield and demonstrate the vessel's power!

Engage in thrilling battles with rival vessels. Keep a vigilant eye through the periscope, set up ambushes and watch out for enemy aircrafts.

Feel the true essence of being on board a submarine. Encounter the hardship and dangers that crews had to confront during the monumental global conflict.

Use your skills and dive into the deep waters of FREE ROAM mode. Explore an uncharted world filled with mysterious locations and captivating adventures. Confront enemies, explore the vast waters and enjoy the freedom of navigating the open sea.

Main features of the game:
- story campaign and cooperative mode for up to four players,
- open world full of dangers and challenges in free roam mode,
- advanced control system for the submarine,
- extensive combat system, faithfully recreated ship and aircraft models,
- a variety of additional activities and mini games.


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UBOAT: The Silent Wolf (PC)