Realms of Flow (PC)

'Realms of Flow' is all about calming down and drifting away into deep and soothing states of mind. It utilizes a combination of high-framerate stereoscopic 180°-video and interactive elements for breathing, mindful listening, playfulness, humming, and frequency entrainment.

You can choose from several experiences (currently six - more to come), each offering a different scenery, general atmosphere and meditative narration.
In the Session Timing options you can set the start time and duration for the different guide features: Voice-over, Breathing Guide, Spatial Sounds, Humming Guide, Frequency Entrainment, and Element of Play.
Each feature has various settings that you can adjust according to your preferences. For example, the breathing tempo, which affects a customizable visual focus object, can be a fixed user-defined tempo or controlled using your hand or belly movement.

The focus of this application is less on giving a step-by-step voice guidance, but on creating small cinematic journeys with a poetic and meditative touch.

Realms of Flow strives to offer unique immersive audio-visual atmospheres to provide thoughtful inspiration, evoke emotions, and create interesting, soothing, and meaningful states of mind that will hopefully enrich your palette of being. - Immerse yourself in the infinite Realms of Flow!

Please install the HEVC Extension for Windows (e.g. from the Microsoft Store), otherwise the environments will appear just black.







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Junio 18, 2023

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